We have a costs, including equipment amortization, plus 10% contract to fullfilll on 250 million tons of a moh 6 industrial material.
The one deposit in America working towards a global warming answer with a fire, flood, huricane proof home building material.

Underground hard rock mining
… not soft, dangerous coal … has been falsely accused of being an “ecological disaster”… for far too long. The disinformation campaign started in Nevada when the Bureau of Mines, and the BLM released a number of reports to the public Hydrothermal fluids forming epithermal gold deposits on in the Robertson Overthrust Fault, that led to cutting small business US prospectors [1] and miners [2] out of what has become “financial exploitation mining” by multinational corporations who apparently have won the free trade, or favored nations, stragetic minerals war.[3]

At Carlin, Nevada, a back east capital investment firm, doing armchair prospecting by reading free for all government reports, was the first to stake a huge block of contiguous claims, after buying out one prudent man's discovery placer claim interfering in their plans, for $5,000 [4 National Geographic "Gold"].

This was the start of moving an incredible amount of tonnage for recovery of gold finer than cigarette smoke, which has left behind an ugly mess of deep quaries and poisonous cyanide leach pads which cannot be reclaimed easilly by simply blowing up a portal of an adit.

Another unknown aspect of Supply Side Mining vs: Financial Side Mining [5} is that oft time “Mining Juniors” caught-up in the web of self-regulated Stock Broker/SEC discrimination against small US mining companies, purposely depend upon the Department of Interior / Department of Agriculture Code of Federal Regulation Defense of the natural laws of the Enviroment to explain away the failure of a PR, best kept secret, “Pump and Dump”… blaming the government … supporting so-called bankruptcies to clean out the ‘sheeple’ of a shell, that have been corraled for flocking and sheering.

This is a start-up site on a yet to be formed company, or MLP, that already has a contract from FoamKrete dotcom [4] on an insider flow-through venture from ECO-Minerals-Stockpile dotnet [6] reaching towards an affordable housing answer for ECOhousingofAmerica [6]

Step one is filing a for real CFR “Plan of Action” for the FoamKrete LLC is to show an added value benefit over quarrying by underground mining a 500 Million Tons of nepheline syenite deposit. Market priced right now at $10 per proven uniform ton... where the "tailing pile" is all product profit, penciling out to be ... YIKES... $5 Billion?

As that $10 per ton buy-in competes with the same chemistry that is selling for 250 dollars per ton [7] in China, and $300 per ton imported from Europe hidden in bags with just a formula number… well, that leaves a lot of room to compete by paying attention to ECO, do it right, concerns producing a needed affordable housing material product[v].

If follows that the alt-flowthrough network system also needs to be a visionary network of alt-financing report readers. So, exploring the possibility of using unprocessed tonnage to trade for a Chinese nepheline mill we will need to import to get into production. Along with an engineer to fine tune the output. No rock crusher manufacture in the US seems gets the idea that the unique naturally soluble nano Alumna Oxideand and Silicon Dioxide is ground down to - 325 mesh... fine as face powder... is really just run through an old-fashioned ball mill

I asked 'Miz Cherie', an experienced barter club CEO, who happens to be the FoamKrete™ "corporate, business as usuall" designated finder for building a state by state FoamKrete™ dealer/distribution network, if perhaps forming a blockchange cybercurrency might be an answer to bringing in the new state-of-the-art equipment we will be needing.

I really haven't heard a complete answer from Sharon, as it seems too many of her financial world contacts are what Asperger's syndrome mensa geniuses call, "small brained." Especially when doing the math accounting for the value of volatile paper, for the rock-solid backing of a mineable commodity locked up in the vault known as Table Mountain.

Since the BitCoin wars seem to be escalating, click on this banner to ask Cherie what's happening.

Bitcoin cybercurency
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